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Jenny Burrell BSc (Hons), Dip SMRT, WHNC – Creator of Holistic Core Restore® & Head of Burrell Education

Hi, and a warm welcome to Holistic Core Restore®!

My name is Jenny Burrell and I’m the creator of the Holistic Core Restore® programme.

I’m beyond passionate about empowering women to ask questions and seek the help they need in order to improve their RESTORE THEIR CORES, improve their Pelvic Health and tackle the dysfunction issues that so negatively impact on the way they live their lives.

As a Women’s Wellness and Fitness and Nutrition Educator as well as being a Soft Tissue/Remedial Therapist, I’ve worked with and taught 1000’s of women and professionals for over a decade and half, providing them with REAL solutions for their most pressing concerns regarding ‘core rehabilitation’, fitness, fat loss and restorative/remedial practices that for many provide a foundation for deep transformation and empowerment.   I’m also the founder of Burrell Education, the ONLY Licensed Education Provider in the UK solely dedicated to serving the female population at all life stages but especially during Pregnancy, the Post Natal period and into the Peri to Post Menopausal years.

 Holistic Core Restore® is all about……….

Updating the concept of  Pelvic Floor/Core Restore Exercise using a SIMPLE,  EFFECTIVE & ‘MOVEMENT-BASED’ solution as progression and alternative to ONLY Kegels.  How to perform Pelvic Floor exercise is just too important for it to still be unclear to the average woman! Exercise needs to be simple to understand, perform and simple to teach.

I have incorporated all the strategies used within Holistic Core Restore® in ALL my education offering and with ALL my personal clients and it has has a profoundly positive effect on their basic understanding of their own body and transformed their committment to self-care in this area.  The principles within this programme were the foundation and solution to my own Post Hysterectomy urinary incontinence issues.

Over and over again, both I and the Ambassadors have found that for so many women, working their way through the UNIQUE and simple Holistic Core Restore® 6-week programme has been a major lightbulb moment and resulted in clients finally ‘GETTING IT’  after many years of confusion and poor adherence to a Pelvic Floor/Core Restore exercise programme.  Read what they say here……

They ‘GET’ that it’s not rocket-science, they ‘GET’ that they can do a lot to help themselves and they ‘GET’ that strengthening their Pelvic Floor/Core doesn’t need to involve a labourious trip to the gym, doing sit-ups and attending a lengthy class.

REAL progress CAN be made after just a few weeks of the programme which includes 10 mins of daily focus via your included DVD in the comfort of your own home!

So, if you’re ready to take control of your Pelvic Health and would enjoy the group/live experience, you simply need to locate a Holistic Core Restore® Coach and attend a class either LIVE or ON-LINE or via Skype anywhere you are in the world for a truly female-centric holistic Core Restore & Pelvic Floor programme.  Many of the Ambassadors will also work with you 1-1 or in a small group.  Either way, the information you gain throughout the programme is guaranteed to last you a lifetime and ultimately is pretty PRICELESS!


When Pelvic Floor/Core Restore exercise is easy to understand and easy to do…guess what?  Women find it easy to commit to a routine and know the worth of.    And that’s got to be the ultimate aim.   whether you are Pregnant, early Post Natal, 10 years Post Natal or in the throes of Menopause and into your later years.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND CONSISTENT ACTION is KING!