Proudly presenting 9 unique, dedicated-to-Women’s-Wellness programmes guaranteed to make your journey through all the female life-phases smoother.  From Pregnancy fitness to Birth Preparation, Post Natal recovery and Pelvic-Floor-Friendly Fat Loss Fitness, to Nutrition that will help you heal and balance your hormones all the way through to the returning athlete and the Peri to Post Menopause years…….something for EVERY WOMAN who cares about her Core, Pelvic and global health client.

Holistic Core Restore Bump

Our NEW Functional Pregnancy Exercise (get’s you strong for the life you live) and Birth Preparation offering!  Are you Pregnant and want prepare your Core and Pelvic Floor and stay functionally fit throughout the Trimesters?  Do you want to be led through safe, supportive exercise? If yes, then If you’re having a this one’s for you!
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Holistic Core Restore 4th Trimester

With so much confusion surrounding what’s appropriate in the very early days and weeks post birth,  ‘4th Trimester’ provides AN ESSENTIAL ‘in between programme’ that truly supports the new mom in this important restorative period.
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Holistic Core Restore Every Woman 6 Week Foundation

 Our unique and ground-breaking 6 Week ‘Every Woman’ programme which focuses on Pelvic Floor fitness and deeply improving your Core strength is truly is a gift that keeps giving and one that EVERY WOMAN should give herself at least once in her lifetime!  
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Holistic Core Restore Diastasis

Healing Diastasis Recti is a WHOLE BODY ISSUE, it’s not just about exercise, it’s not just about the woman’s belly and it’s not just about the gap!  But don’t worry, your Coach has got this all nailed with this tried and tested ‘whole woman’ programme.
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Holistic Core Restore C-Section

Recovery from C-Section is truly an inside-out affair and involves a programme involving hands on massage therapies, nutrition, scar tissue release, postural re-alignment work before we  finally get to the  ‘core restoring’ exercise part of the puzzle. This programme goes deep and gets GREAT results!
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Holistic Core Restore Release

Aches and pains are a standard part of the Pregnancy to Post Natal life phase and indeed the life of any woman and many women simply ‘put up’ with muscular aches and pains when there are simple, time effective, self-care solution available to everyone.  A delicious and ESSENTIAL part of any wellness strategy.
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Holistic Core Restore Heat

In the HCR ‘Heat’ programme, we’ve finally nailed exercise for fat loss that is also ‘Pelvic Floor Friendly’!  It’s a ‘no-jump’ workout that truly will hit all the fat loss markers and jump start your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session.  IT CAN BE DONE.

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Holistic Core Restore Heavy

In HCR ‘Heavy’, we provide the gateway programming for women who want to return to or start more advanced fitness that involve running, jumping, impact and lifting weights in a heavy and dynamic fashion.  An ESSENTIAL programme for new moms wanting to get back to running and lifting weights with a deep respect for her Pelvic Health. 
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Holistic Core Restore Express

HCR ‘Express’ takes EVERYTHING that is wonderful about our original 6 -Week Every Woman programme and adds the power of Whole Body Vibration to really help you deeply reconnect with your Core/Pelvic Floor and exercise with incredible time efficiency. WBV also benefits improving your metabolism, bone health and your cardiovascular strength and fitness all in less time. 
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Holistic Core Restore 10 Ways To Improve Your Core Function in 10 minutes a day

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10 Steps to Improving Your Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Function NOW!  In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day – Includes Nutrition + Exercise Guidance


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